Our mission is to help build a welcoming city where everyone has an affordable place to live that is close to jobs, transit, parks, and food.

Dallas Neighbors for Housing is a grassroots organization that advocates for more housing, more opportunity, & more compassion in the City of Dallas. We are bringing together Dallas residents from all walks of life because housing policy affects us all! 

Whether you're a long-time Dallas resident or a newcomer, we believe that you deserve a city that offers safe, affordable housing for all. Through coordinated activism, we will fight for better housing policies, more density, and urban planning that improves public transportation and places amenities and necessities closer to where we live.

Our group is powered by everyday Dallas residents- renters, homeowners, small business owners, employees,  college students,  families,  citizens, immigrants, commuters, bus riders, cyclists, and pedestrians.  Click here to join the movement and read more about our leadership here.

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